The Fleet - four converted traditional narrow (less than 2 metres) boats, two on the National Register of Historic Ships. With protection against unpredictable weather and large opening windows to make the most of fine days. There are toilets close by at both departure points

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other large or wheeled toys cannot be taken.

Pets - we cannot carry any pets

Guide or Assistance Dogs - Access into the boat is by step ladder type steps with a narrow entrance way. Small dogs can be carried down but it maybe unsafe or inaccessible for larger dogs. We have a secure private office where they can be left.  Please telephone to arrange a time to suit you.

Disabled Access - There are 5 steep steps down into the boats with handrails each side and the safest way down is backwards. Wheelchairs can be carried if folded but cannot access the boats unfolded. Please do telephone or email if you would like advice on the possibilities.

Food and drink - We do not sell refreshments on board but coffee, tea and soft drinks can be brought on the boat. However there is not space or tables for food so only hand held cakes or cold sandwiches can be eaten. Please take any waste with you when you leave. We are not licensed to allow alcohol to be consumed on the boat. 

Bags - For safety and security all bags must be opened before boarding. Small suitcases can usually be carried but we do not have storage for large luggage.

Pushchairs/child buggies - we can only carry these if they are small, lightweight and fold flat. They will be stored on the roof.

Tickets - are sold on the boat with payment by credit or debit card only - no cash is accepted. Seats are subject to availability.

Groups - of 20 or more can be booked onto the scheduled service. Details are shown on the Groups page and bookings can be made by telephone or email, at least 10 days in advance and payment must be made at the time for groups of less than 25.

Conditions - We endeavour to run the service as scheduled but on rare occasions severe weather and other circumstances may restrict the service. Persons who in the reasonable opinion of the Captain may cause disturbance or endanger themselves, the crew or other passengers may be refused permission to board.

If you are unable to find the information that you need please contact us on the number or email below