Camden Lock Market

A former hay market from where the canal is bordered by the gardens of elegant town houses backing onto the water. Known as Camden Lock, this shopping destination is one of Camden’s world famous markets. It is reached after a sharp left turn at Cumberland Basin.

The market includes hundreds of clothing, music and arts and craft stalls set up in the former warehouses and around the cobbled and flagged courtyards. In it’s West Yard right next to the Hampstead Road Lock, you’ll find the Global Kitchen serving up an array of some of the world’s finest street food. 

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

London Zoo

First opened in 1828, London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. It is home to thousands of furry (and non-furry) animals, great and small. Housing the international research of the Zoological Society - displayed in the fascinating Web of Life exhibition - the Zoo today is not just a home to animals but a centre recognised for excellence in conservation and education. The antelope terraces and Snowdon Aviary can both be seen from the canal. 

Our waterbus has its own entrance into the Zoo, providing a pleasant way to arrive and avoiding the queues at the main gate.

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Regent’s Canal

Did you know that the canal was originally supposed to run through Regent’s Park? At this time the park was private and it was decided that the sight and sound of working boatmen might not be suitable for the wealthy users so the canal was put into a deep cutting around the North edge.

The canal was dug deeper and wider than others, and while most have simple functional designs for bridges and works, the Regent’s Canal has bridges of ornamental cast and wrought iron as well as the pillared Macclesfield bridge.